The Power of Breath: Meditating into A Calmer Life

I was turned onto meditation in my early 20s after completing a 200-hour teacher training yoga course. Teaching yoga was never my motivation, but I did want to deepen my practice. The power of meditation was explored throughout my training, but I was young and blew it off, as it took entirely too much discipline to be still and quiet for that long of a period. Fast forward to 2019, I was a working mom with a thriving sales career. I had finally reached the place in my career that I had worked so desperately hard to attain. By all standards, life could not be better. My job often kept me traveling, and I was always juggling 1,000 different things at a time, like most of us. Anxiety seemed to be a constant in my life. It had moved into my body the way a roommate moves into an apartment with you. It was so ever-present that I had learned how to ignore it, believing this was just part of being a working mom in sales. Having an understanding and appreciation for the importance of mental health, I finally sought counsel through enrolling in an 8-week mediation course. That course would go on to be the most life changing course I had ever taken. Not only would I learn how to meditate, but I also learned the infinite power of mindset and intuition. This course was the biggest awakening of my life.

I challenge you my friends to add mediation into your daily routine. If you are new to meditation, then begin by doing 5 minutes a day first thing in the morning. If you are a former meditator that has fallen out of a regular rhythm, add back in 20 minutes a day. I have found that meditating is most productive and easiest if you can do it before your household awakens. There is something truly magical about waking up before your home does. Find your favorite place inside your house, or outside, that is sacred to you. Sit down either on the ground or in a comfy chair. Take ten deep, slow inhalations and exhalations, releasing anything that is hanging onto you that does not serve you. I prefer to say a prayer prior to meditating to open my mind, body and spirit to whatever is intended for me to receive from the universe. Close your eyes and begin. If distracting thoughts surface, gently acknowledge them, pin them to an imaginary cloud, and let them float past, returning to a state of stillness of the mind. I have had some of best ideas arise when meditating. The goal for me is not to stay in a state of nothingness. My goal is to quiet my mind so that I can hear the whispers of the universe.

With time, meditation will become easier. After implementing meditation into your daily routine, you will begin to crave it. You will begin to seek out this practice as refuge from surrounding chaos, and it will become a place of safety and clarity. It has the power to become a weapon that will transform your world as you know it, if you allow it. Make it your own. Design your meditation so that it intuitively feels authentic to your soul and uniquely your own. It may look and feel nothing like my practice. Trust in yourself and what you are drawn towards. As with everything in life, have grace and compassion with yourself. You were brought to this practice for a reason.