5 Journaling Prompts That Radically Changed My Life

I have been regularly journaling for the last few years and it has truly changed the landscape of my life. After reading Super Attractor, by Gabby Bernstein, I was inspired to begin each day by answering these five questions in my journal.

  1. What are you grateful for today?
  2. How do you want to feel?
  3. Who do you want to be?
  4. What do you want to receive?
  5. What do you want to give?

I didn’t recognize how this daily practice would change my world. Some days my answers looked like the day before, while others had a completely different feel and flavor. Most days however, there was a resounding theme that was consistent; a deep yearning for my mind and body to finally step into alignment with my dreams…with the whisperings of my soul. More fascinating is that most everything that I wrote down, day after day, has manifested over a three-year period.

Intentionality has the power to help you jump timelines. The more you state your intentions, the more it becomes ingrained in your essence. I have found from my experience that when your desires become a part of you, it is easier to bring them to fruition. Keeping your aspirations top of mind is a key element in letting go of things that no longer serve you in order to help you shift into alignment.

One example of this, was my desire to stop drinking socially. Almost daily, I wrote that I wanted to be sober and healthy. This had been a dream of mine for years, but the thought of giving up drinking seemed unrealistic. After all, drinking socially permeated every aspect of my southern culture. We drink when we are sad, stressed, happy, at dinner, while cooking, on vacation, at concerts. Many of us drink like it is a sport. And I was tired. Tired of feeling the anxiety that followed me like a ghost at every turn. Tired of feeling like shit from the effects of alcohol. Tired of dreaming of what life could be like if I rejected it once and for all. From January to November, I religiously wrote that I wanted to be sober, when responding to “How do you want to feel?” and “Who do you want to be?” On November 11th, I drank my last French 75 at my birthday dinner. I knew going into that night that it would be my last drink. It has now been over two years since that evening. My life is so much richer since having left alcohol behind. What I did not anticipate was how much everything in my life would radically improve from that one choice. I am not downplaying my decision, or the discipline it has involved to journaling alone, but I give this sacred, daily practice of intention setting much of the credit. It played a major role in helping me get clear and finally claim my deepest desires on paper, so that I could then manifest it more easily. I believe on a cellular level my body needed to feel, envision and see my desires, repeatedly, in order to tap into my courage and execute. This decision remains one of the best decisions I have ever made and is just one of many that came to life from this journaling practice.

I encourage you to implement this ritual into your weekly routine in a way that works for your lifestyle. If you remain consistent, miracles are possible…