In the spirit of World Kindness Day today, this memory of my son Charlie and my beloved coffee cup came to mind. This is my favorite quote of all time. I also own a sweatshirt that wears this quote proudly. Yes, it’s true! I went a bit overboard with the merch, I know! ☺️

On April 18th of 2020, we were leaving @walgreens and saw a homeless man sitting against the wall. Charlie spotted him before I did. We always keep bags of nuts and other food in my car to give to homeless people or those in need that cross our path. Charlie yelled “Mom, pull over! He needs some nuts!” So, I did just that. After speaking with this kind soul, he explained he appreciated the offer, but had no teeth to chew the nuts. I said no problem. I live three minutes away and will bring you back some soft food. So, off we went to scour our pantry and fridge for some appropriate food. We found some yummy chicken salad and a bunch of apple sauce, and threw it in one of our loved @rawgirls_memphis_inc bags and took it back to him. We both left with heavy hearts, yet thankful we could bring him some food to fill his belly, even if only temporarily. I was incredibly grateful Charlie found an opportunity to be kind to another soul that day in need of love.

I captured this photo as we headed back to give the kind man his food. I smiled as we walked out the door, realizing the shirt he had chosen to wear that day…unaware of what his day had in store. His choice was fitting and reflected his compassionate and giving ♥️.

This is a gentle and loving reminder to keep your eyes open today and everyday for someone that is in need of love or a helping hand. The opportunities that surround us are endless, if you are looking for them. And be prepared that those you serve will bring you far more gifts than you could ever imagine.