Here is another life skill that seems like common sense, yet I have spent most of my adult life chasing and dancing around, never fully capable of mastering it. The good news is, with every passing month, I am getting better and better at this delicate art form of practice. Some days are better than others, as with most things in life. But each day, while we are granted the gift of living on this beautiful earth, we have a new opportunity to try again. The magical part of this is that the things that light your soul on fire are usually where your God-given gifts reside, in some capacity, waiting for you to pay them attention, nurture and cultivate.

Pick one thing to give up this week that dims your light. Replace that habit or tendency with something that brings you immense joy. Journal or meditate each day, when your spirit feels called, reflecting on the duality of this experience. Notice how this makes your mind, body and soul feel. Take note of your anxiety levels. Notice the amount of joy you feel, even if it’s only a slight improvement. Pay attention to your inner peace. The gifts you receive by simply leaving that which no longer serves you behind, and being intentional with your choices, choosing to focus on something that makes you shine a little brighter, can be life-changing, if only you will allow it. Enjoy. πŸ’—πŸŒŽπŸ’«