Happy #NationalSiblingsDay you two! Kev, we miss your earthly presence so much, though I feel you with me every single day, in the wind and in my chimes and in the red cardinals that seem to follow me whenever I go.

TW, thank you for letting me sleep with you often when I was little, terrified to fall asleep alone. It seems like yesterday in ways that we were separated by a strict wall of pillows down the middle of the bed that you designed, as we listened to Enya 😊 to fall asleep. I was so thankful you allowed me in your bed, though I know it was so annoying. 🙄 Or, for turning me onto the power of music, as we drove crazy fast to school each day in your car that smelled of pink Extra bumble gum and your cologne, as New Order/U2/The Samples/insert 30 other bands here, blared loudly with our hair blowing. 🌅You awakened my lifetime love of music and driving fast with the windows down and didn’t even know it. 🥰

Kevin, thank you for teaching me the art of simple elegance. I will never forget when you stole one of mom’s stunning scarves from her closet, showing me how to effortlessly, repurpose it into a chic, strapless, shirt that tied in the back. You let me sneak out that night after mom and dad went to bed and accompany you to Mongos☺️ (sorry mom and dad 😳) Or, unknowingly showing me the profound impact a tall, clear glass vase filled with white Calla Lilies can make in a room. I buy them often in your honor and their beauty still takes my breath away ☺️

It’s amazing what all we learn from our siblings, especially as the youngest child. 🥰🥰

Love you both, always and forever. 💗💗💗🌎💫