Though this concept seems simple and somewhat of a given, I have found at times it is easy to forget. Rewind to Spring Break, where I felt it necessary to eat whatever I wanted all week long, including tons of Girl Scout cookies on a daily basis (think Thin Mints and Tagalongs 🍪😉). Those choices would then propel me into behaving similarly, after I returned home for two additional weeks. And just like that, my mood was funky and I was left feeling uninspired and somewhat sullen. It took me a moment to shake myself back into reality, realizing the cause of this shift in my wellbeing.

When we feel good, our energy shifts, and we then begin to attract more easily what we are working on or desiring (if our intentions are pure). Going on vacation and relaxing with certain things is a gift and very much necessary. But, if we decide to faceplant into the deep end of excess instead, and act a fool with certain lifestyle choices (insert your weakness here), it most likely will yield negative outcomes. Though those choices are always fun in the moment, their cascading effect is a heavy price to pay. And what do you know, one week of exercising + intermittent fasting + mostly healthy eating and I am back to my old self again.

If you are struggling to produce the results you desire, stop and reflect on the lifestyle choices you are making. Remember to give yourself grace as you step back into your practice…. It’s never too late to try again.