Let’s talk #HotColdTherapy! 🥵🥶😍 I’ve been ending my showers on ice-cold water to get these benefits on a daily basis since 2016. A few weeks ago, I took it to the next level with @taylor__somerville in a session that combined sauna, ice bath and breathwork. (Pictured here!) And, let me tell you, it was amazing!

Hot and cold each come with their own set of benefits. For instance, hot showers may improve sleep, provide temporary relief for respiratory symptoms and improve muscle and joint health. 🔥 Cold showers may make you more alert, increase circulation and nourish your skin. 🧊 When combined (often called #ContrastHydrotherapy), these benefits are maximized and I feel very energized!

I start with my usual hot shower temp and slowly move to ice-cold for the final 2 minutes of my shower. There is also the option to alternate between the two temperatures. You will want to find what works for you and slowly increase the time and decrease the water temperature as you build up your tolerance. A couple of helpful tips: Listen to your body and always end on cold! It does get easier the more you do it.

Hot/Cold Therapy may…
💯 Lift mood
💯 Improve sleep
💯 Reduce fatigue, stress and anxiety
💯 Improve levels of endurance
💯 Boost the immune system
💯 Improve circulation
💯 Reduce inflammation in your body
💯 Energize you (think natural cup of coffee)

The easiest way to get your Hot/Cold Therapy in is to take a #ContrastShower, but if you have access to a sauna followed by an ice bath or cold shower, I highly recommend it! #WellnessWednesdayTip

Listen to the latest episode of #ChimeInWithAWJ for an in-depth conversation with Taylor Somerville on the power and benefits of breathwork and hot/cold therapy.