Today on #ChimeInWithAWJ@taylor__somerville joins me to talk about the power and benefits of breathwork, as well as how to incorporate a breathwork practice into your life! I recently embarked on a 4-week breath class journey with Taylor, followed by #HotColdTherapy. We talk about this amazing experience and everything I gained from Taylor’s teachings, wisdom and insights on Episode #14!

We also dive into…
▪️ How to better manage stress through breathing
▪️ How to calm yourself down or ramp yourself up when needed
▪️ Breath as a key component to changing mental and physical health
▪️ Breathwork exercises you can try at home

Taylor Somerville, founder of and breathwork coach @xptlife, teaches individuals and groups, both in-person and virtually, on how to use the breath to combat stress. After working in the investment business for 15 years and going through a divorce in 2014, Taylor discovered breathwork as a way to deal with the stress and anxiety in his personal and professional life. Through breathwork, Taylor was able to learn how to respond to stressful situations in a productive manner rather than reacting. In 2017, after seeing the positive changes in himself, Taylor felt a calling to help others with improving their own stress management, anxiety, athletic performance and overall health and wellness. Taylor focuses on teaching these tools to empower others.

Tune in now to learn more about this powerful practice!