This practice has changed the landscape of my life. I began doing this 5 days a week in January of 2020, after reading @gabbybernstein’s Super Attractor. I try to relax and let go of routines on the weekend, but often I feel called to continue with this writing practice on Saturdays and Sundays. When I began meditating years ago, my gifted teacher ask we only meditate 6 days a week starting out. The more I practiced, I realized how wise his strategy was. It is beneficial to feel the vast difference between the days you implement a new practice and the days that you do not, in order to illustrate the power of the practice.

These are the questions that I answer.
✨ What am I grateful for today?
✨ How do I want to feel today?
✨ Who do I want to be today?
✨ What do I want to receive today?
✨ What do I want to give today?

As long as your intentions are for the greatest good, no dream is too big to write down. Energetically a shift occurs, both inside of you, and within your environment, when you begin your day with gratitude and setting your intentions. You begin to attract what you desire. Try it for a month and see what happens!

PS Follow this practice with prayer and meditation and the results will be staggering! Even 10 minutes makes a significant difference.