Episode #13 of #ChimeInWithAWJ is all about the art of being present in the now and the power of a moment with communication and connection expert @terrimurphycommunications. Terri and I have a beautiful conversation about:
🔹 The gift of making others feel significant
🔹 How we fracture connection
🔹 The importance of mentorship
🔹 Celebrating your uniqueness
🔹 How “Digiphrenia” is controlling us
… and so much more!

Terri is a TedTalk speaker, author, consultant, and business coach, specializing in connection and engagement strategies. She is also the founder of Women’s Wisdom Network and Senior Editor for @realty.times. Through communication, marketing, and messaging, Terri knows how to create celebrity authority in any given field. She has been featured on ABC, NBC, and CNBC News as a sales expert, and her podcasts and interviews can be found on all major podcast portals under the Women’s Wisdom Network and on RealtyTimes.com.