In honor of International Women’s Day, I thought several photos of Mount Timpanogos in different seasons would be a beautiful, symbolic tribute to all women, past, present and future. She stands tall as the second-highest mountain in Utah’s Wasatch Range at 11,750 feet above sea level and is approximately 300 million years old. There are many recorded legends that surround this majestic mountain range, but one reoccurring storyline is that if you look hard enough, you can see the outline of a woman in her peaks.

Today, I honor all of the women who have come before us, paving the way to make our world a better and more just world. I also celebrate every female who is living and breathing on this earth. I pay tribute to all the women who have yet to grow up or be born, who will go onto make an impact on this earth, in their own unique and beautiful way. Because each and every female will make an impact on this world, imprinting it with her own unique gifts.

To me, the mountains perfectly symbolize the female spirit. They are breathtakingly beautiful, strong, stable and constant. Though they are still, they also possess a fierce force that is undeniable, representing a higher perspective and ability to see from a loftier point of view. In mystic teachings, the mountain represents the point of contact between heaven and earth. Today and every day, I salute all women and your individual light force. You are like a majestic mountain range, possessing vast amounts of knowledge, wisdom, intuition and power, with every passing season.