A big ❤️ felt thank you to @ksullivan901 of @tsunamimemphis for today’s lunches of spaghetti and green beans for the warming centers of Memphis to feed those in need.

This is Kevin’s second time to step forward and help us feed the hungry during challenging times. He made a beautiful stir fry for us at the beginning of the pandemic which fed 250 guests at Society of St. Vincent’s de Paul Food Mission, when volunteers could no longer prepare hot daily meals for the homeless, due to sheltering in place. Thank you Kevin, yet again for your compassionate and gracious ❤️. You are filling the hungry bellies of 200 beautiful people today. We honor you and appreciate you!

Thank you Katie Richmond for yet again, being an integral part of the Tsunami magic. You helped make this happen! A special thanks to Scarlet McWhorter for helping prepare this delicious meal!

Thank you Tom Edwards of Constance Abbey for picking up these lunches every day this week and delivering them to the Warming Centers! We appreciate you immensely.

And to all of our gracious donors, thank you from the bottom of my ❤️. We truly could not do this without you. Your money is helping to change lives in our city.  We are humbled by your generosity. 🎈

Tomorrow Chris Taylor of Mempops and Wayne Yeh of Stix will be preparing 200 more lunches. Please send donations to the Red Balloon Project to help us fund our amazing restaurant partners.

There is a chance we will be sponsoring Monday’s lunches as well. Please let me know if your restaurant would like to partner with us to prepare 200 meals, family-style to feed those in great need. 🎈❤️