Let me tell you about the @biglifejournal! 📓 I am a huge advocate of teaching our children the practice of #mindfulness and this workbook has been incredible on our journey. Mindfulness helps children to grow and evolve in a healthy way, and equips them with tools to better navigate the waters.

Here are a few of the many things our children learn through this beneficial practice:
🔹 Emotional intelligence
🔹 How to focus on our thoughts, as they become our reality
🔹 Power of breath and meditation
🔹 How the brain functions under anxiety and stress

I have loved working through the #BigLifeJournal workbook with my 10-year-old son. It is both fun and inspiring. While I have always written him lunch love notes, I have started to include reminders from this book in his lunch box each day. 💌 Head over to @biglifejournal to learn more about how their journals and activities can help you raise resilient, confident, happy kids!

This week on episode #10 of #ChimeInWithAWJ, I speak with the brilliant @greg_graber_ about mindfulness in schools and more.