Episode #9 of #ChimeInWithAWJ is LIVE! I discuss all things yoga with my yoga teacher and friend, @ainsleyayres. Yoga is truly a powerful practice that can benefit all areas of your life: mind, body and spirit.

This episode is full of tips and information for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Take a deep breath and a deep dive with us into the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. 🧘‍♀️ Link in bio.

** Don’t be misled by this picture. Getting into the camel pose is never easy for me. On this particular day, I had to push through the initial feeling of my throat closing off, which in turn left me feeling woozy momentarily, while navigating old thought patterns that so easily try to creep in, telling me to “get out of the posture, this is uncomfortable”. But pushing past those thoughts and emotions IS part of the practice of yoga. I have learned to quickly pick the next best thought and move on. I recognize the power of being well with where my body can take me in that moment, on that day. Showing up and trying my best, however messy it may look is the journey. For me, acceptance, while honoring and being fully present in my body is one of the many gifts that yoga offers. Oftentimes, there is great “beauty in the breakdown.”