It was a true pleasure interviewing Dr. Perry Mandanis, Psychiatrist and Podcast host, on mental health. Dr. “M” is a wealth of knowledge and such an inspiration to me. His story is one of great resilience and perseverance. In this episode, we discuss the importance of nurturing our mental health. He explains the difference between stress and anxiety, the importance of psychiatrists’ prescribing meds versus a primary care doctor, and how he saved a man from jumping off a bridge…amongst a myriad of other thought provoking topics. Dr. M is the host of the fast-growing podcast Couch Stories, which I highly recommend. He is a wonderful storyteller and his guests are equally as interesting.

Check out our interview on episode 3. Dr. M and I would love to hear from you below once you have had a chance to listen.

Also check out Dr. M on Instagram @couchstoriespodcast and subscribe to his podcast. It won’t disappoint!